Safety and hygiene are utmost important aspects of Junior’s Harvard Pre-school & Learning Centre.

           All foreseeable measures have been taken to ensure that the children learn in a safe, secure & clean environment.

Few of the measures taken:

  • Location: Junior’s Harvard is located away from a main traffic road.
  • CCTV Cameras: All classrooms, play areas & entire premises are monitored by the centre-head to ensure children’s safety.
  • Insect Killing Machines –To keep the centre insect free
  • All electric sockets above child’s height –With inserted plugs to prevent any mishap
  • Non-Toxic, eco-friendly fabricated lawn –So that children have a safe place to play all year round
  • Window panes on classroom doors –So the centre head & administration can monitor the class proceedings
  • Regular disinfection exercise – to keep the school clean and germ-free.
  • Fire-extinguishers –To prevent any fire-related mishaps
  • Child friendly toilets –To ensure children learn basic habits on their own
  • Dedicated & trained maid –To ensure children’s hygiene needs are taken care of
  • RO Water Purifier –To ensure children get clean drinking water
  • Controlled entry and exit point – Controlled accessibility to children for their safety