Play Group

          Playgroups are a great way for children to practice the fine art of getting along with others and trying new ways to play. Playgroups are great fun that eases the transition between home and school

Age Group : 2-3 Yrs 

Playgroup Curriculum Offers

 Safe, Secure & Hygienic Environment

 Well – trained & soft-speaking staff

 Free play where children have choices

 Scribbling & Painting

 Sand or water play

 Outside play

 Practice new skills and experiences

 Developing gross motor skills & 4Cs

 Learning to play with others

 Meeting/making new friends

 Experiencing books & developing recognition

 Learning to share, problem solve and take turns

 Learn to be socialize as it builds their self confidence.

 More independence from parents

 Improvement in learning and social development of children who need help   

  Timings : 2 hrs.