Learning @ Junior’s Harvard

LearnWe believe that each child is unique and will bring his/her strengths and challenges to any situation. Our programs are designed to respect, support, and respond to each child.

In each of our classrooms, you will see intentionally planned learning opportunities based on the teachers’ knowledge of individual children and knowledge of current research-based teaching approaches that will support that child’s growth in small group activities, one-on-one work with an adult, and in full group experiences.

Assessment of children is an integral part of all of the Junior’s Harvard Preschool programs.

The staff use ongoing observations and activity-based assessments to identify each child’s interests, strengths and needs, document development and learning, and tailor curriculum to support each child.

We believe that is it our responsibility to help each child develop to his/her fullest socially, emotionally, physically, creatively, and intellectually.

In each classroom you will find a balance of teacher initiated experiences, child initiated activities, and teacher directed learning experiences provided to support children’s growth in all domains.

We believe that children learn best in a play-based environment that provides a variety of opportunities to explore and manipulate their environment in interaction with adults and other children.

Large periods of time are set aside for carefully planned and facilitated indoor and outdoor play experiences ensuring opportunities for learning and development in all areas.

We believe that it is important to help every child become a curious, independent and self-confident learner.

Therefore, we make certain that children have many opportunities to wonder, posequestions, problem solve and make and evaluate choices as they work to understand their world under the careful guidance of our skilled teachers.